Thursday, January 17, 2008


I believe it was November 30th- the day my cell phone teetered on a pair of jeans in the bathroom and fell; smashing into unfixable bits. Uh oh, I thought. That can't be good.

Well maybe it is-maybe it isn't. You see it's been almost two full months of not having a cell phone. I used to think I couldn't run up to the grocery store without it. What if someone needed me? What if one of my kids were bleeding at home with their daddy? I guess I was addicted to constantly being present for others but even worse, I was addicted to 'filling up time'. Getting in the car for me meant it was time to catch up current events in the lives of friends and family. Sadly it was usually with my kids in the back seat. Talk about not seeing being present...ugh!

I now drive thirty miles or so to church, or to run errands and just a faint nagging creeps up on me sometimes. What if I get a flat? What if I get lost? For the most part I have to confess that it's liberating not to be at one's beck and call (okay, that is funny!).

To go further into disconnect- we have no answering machine and one working telephone in this house. We're obviously not too concerned about it because neither my husband or I has yet to run to Radio Shack to get any constant contact device. I suppose that soon I will have some new, cool functioning cell phone and we'll eventually look into an answering service but for now I am enjoying the peace and conquering the fear of being disconnected. (Just PLEASE don't let anything happen to my computer!!)

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