Friday, January 4, 2008


So I hope I'm not alone in this issue. Last night I really thought our neighbors would call the police. The screaming coming from Joey's room was that loud. It's been cyclical with him- he sleeps like a dream for months- he's up like a newborn for months. Old school says let him work it out. Don't let him manipulate you. Attached parents say comfort him, let him know you're there. Others say trust your gut. Well you know what? My gut is two-faced.

Let me give you an example. My husband and I made a pact last night as we turned out the light. A pact that said we're gonna stick together - we're not letting him come in here. We broke that pact at 1:10am.

It would be so easy if he just needed comfort and would come lie down with us and go to sleep. But you see, that's not how Joey operates. Nothing he does is easy. He comes to bed, flips and flops and talks (loudly) about his day, his needs, wanting to go play with his trucks, etc. When we "sssssh" him he gets mad. "NO!" he yells. Then the threats begin. "Joey, if you don't lie down quietly you're going back to your bed". That's when the screaming sets in.

Last night we were up for almost 3 hours doing this. Hindsight is comical. Daddy on the couch, daddy in big brother's bed (after moving big brother to another location), daddy back in his bed. Mommy in her bed, mommy on the rocking chair, mommy in big brother's single bed with Joey. I mean it was like musical beds with NO sleeping. Does it sound dysfunctional? Well, it sure seems that way in the middle of the night.

And so, I'm torn with what to do. The nights are unbearable. We're tired. We're all tired. My little guy is worn out, too. Do I have a child that has fear or am I getting my chain yanked?

Is it nap time yet??