Friday, October 10, 2008

Aracnophobia Strikes Again

My daughter casually mentioned the other day that there was a spider in her brother's room that she needed to go get. I think her words were, "Mom, go check out our new visitor"...

Did you hear me scream? Did you hear me yell that the spider could have eaten my baby's head it was so big??

"Muuuuuuther" my brave spider catcher moaned, "it's not poisonous- calm down".

As I jumped up and down having three cows, she scooped up the creature and took it about 2 miles out in the back yard (per my request).



+JMJ+ said...

SOunds like the shrieking from my AND my boys!

Melissa from MN said...

That just gives me the hee-be-gibees and creepy-crawlies! WE get those exact same spiders in and around our house all the time! Ewwwww!

I try not to show my horror in an effort to train my kids to not be afraid and get rid of them for me. So far, doing pretty good with it.