Thursday, October 16, 2008


When you have a glorious fall day with the sun shining down and the leaves screaming on trees, you must put down your pencil and go outside.

We went for a walk yesterday (my first walk since August!!) and stopped to sketch berries, leaves and the river. We found many mushrooms, spiders, snakes, and birds. We were so excited to hear and then see a red headed woodpecker, not native to these parts.

The squashes are all seasoned and in the oven baking this morning and the rain is swift and steady. Chances are there won't be a recess today like yesterday- but we'll keep close watch for the next one. Fall is such a cozy and welcoming time of year.

We found these maple leaf suckers in Canada- perfect for a walk through the trees!

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+JMJ+ said...

Now those are stunning photographs!

The Fall gives us such inspiration, doesn't it? Keep snapping, I can't wait to see more!