Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Long Sunflowers

Part of me felt sorrowful as I worked my way through the garden like it was a jungle. Raccoons have been knocking down corn cobs and weeds have taken over my once succulent spinach. My chamomile has gone away even though I need it most these days. The potatoes have all been eaten and the carrots, too. The onions are sparse and the beans are on their last leg. And those sunflowers that smiled at me every day this summer from my window, now lay like felled trees on a logger run. What was once clean rows of soil awaiting their crop now looks like a hurricane went through.

With one exception...the squash. The zucchini and acorn and spaghetti and pumpkin. It's officially fall both on the calendar and out in the yard. And for that I am grateful.

So long sunflowers and bees- hello to all the familiar fall feelings that come with pumpkins.

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