Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Sunday

Make that Saturday, too. The weekend was so wonderful- the weather, the beauty, the fun. My honey got home late Friday night from Alaska and had lots to share with us. Not getting much sleep, we got up early Saturday morning to host the running group we belong to at our house. That meant posting signs and color-coding maps to reflect three fall-filled running courses. Runners showed up like the cars in Field of Dreams. They just kept coming and coming down the long, lonely road. The kids had so much fun handing out maps and offering water bottles. As soon as everyone took off, I scooted to the kitchen to get breakfast going- I am amazed that we pulled off cooking for 25-30 people.

When the mess cleared we hopped into the car to the local farm and pumpkin patch to get some hot cider and freshly baked donuts. (Not recommended for the one who didn't run and stayed home to cook, oops!) We grew our own pumpkins this year but it's still fun to wander the patch.

And for the rest of the day, I got my much needed mommy break and went to a scrapbooking crop. Six hours of laughing and being creative did me just fine.

Sunday was a prize winner. Warmer temps and sun felt oh-so-good. We spent much of the day outside. My daughter and I had the best adventure walking down to the river and letting the dog swim. That is until Belle got a little too friendly with some fly-fishermen and we had to play Lewis and Clark trekking on river rocks to retrieve my non-obedient retriever. Our stint on the rocks found us hopping awkwardly over slippery stones a good distance until we found a new semi-cleared trail to get back to the road.

We made it back to find the boys having their own expedition in the creek. Sailing leaves down the fast current and collecting lady bugs seemed to be the theme. We stayed out for a few more hours working and playing until our neighbor beckoned us over for some lovely cheese and wine and to take in the sunset.

I know we're relishing all of these Autumnal days in fear that they're numbered and soon the rains will set in. Today is going to be another warm one- perhaps school should move outside??

There was quite a story that went with these leaves- I mean boats.

Now that's a pumpkin. My ninety-something year old neighbor grew this one in his garden. It's not for us-we just hitched a ride.
Okay, corn has been gone from our garden a long time- why does the farm still have it? Why haven't the raccoons got crazy over there?

Not sure if this is the right way to "pick a pumpkin"??

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as always, it looks amazing!