Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writing Prompts

Sometimes you need to play in the leaves for hours on end (four for the record) in order to feel inspired. Coming in from outside, leaves tangled in her hair, my daughter quick grabbed a pencil and paper and went to work.

Leaves are beautiful yellow and brown,
Fall is no reason to wear a frown.
Playing and watching the leaves fly by,
Fall is the season for pumpkin pie.
Acorns and nutshells and squirrels in the trees,
Standing in Autumn's cold blowing breeze.
Jumping in leaves and for all of those reasons,
Fall is simply my favorite season.

Taken by my daughter while laying on the ground looking up toward the sky. I love a child's perspective.

Throwing leaves up over and over and over again. It never got old.

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Regina said...

WOW, great poem! looks like fun