Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday's Splendor

What a gorgeous weekend up here in the Pacific Northwest. We lucked out because today looks to be doom and gloom.

We found ourselves celebrating the little guy's birthday on the farm. It was the most perfect day- 60 degrees and sunny- just what you want for the Fall Harvest Festival.

The farm has a million scarecrows in every nook and corner. Behind us are The Wizard of Oz crows. Caw!

Don't you take the "cool bus" to school?

Speaking of school...there was education to be found! The old homestead house was full of period stuff to learn about. Behind it was the working farm, outhouse, water well and more. If I worked on the farm- that's where I would be. The lady in the rocking chair knitting and explaining what the Sears catalog was used for.

The daddy pile up.

Flying pumpkins. My kids went around and around more times that day. Between kettle corn, birthday cake and the rides-I am amazed no stomachs protested.

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