Monday, October 6, 2008

Soggy Salmon

We have Salmon Days up here. This year it rained so hard the salmon could almost leave the hatchery and come join the festival in the streets. Not only did it pour down but it blew sideways, too. Winds picked up at times so fiercely that vendors had to hold their tents down so they wouldn't blow over.

Salmon Days is a big deal. It's huge. One would need the whole weekend to see all that's offered. We set out early so that we could see the parade kick off. Being "early" got us a parking space about 6 blocks away. (So much fun for a girl on crutches). Spirits were high when we got there with our friends. The kids could see off in the distance all the climbing walls and fun things to do. It was barely drizzling-we could handle that.

Within fifteen minutes the picture changed and we were soaked, absolutely drenched. Between the wind and the rain we could hardly hear eachother "Back to the car!" I yelled.

So sadly we didn't get to see the many, many fun sights. I suppose next year we'll be more prepared. (Two umbrellas for 6 children and 3 adults doesn't do a whole bunch!)

Check out this bald eagle. He's enormous! My daughter thinks he's wearing blinders so that he stays calm and doesn't eat all the spawning salmon.

Here we are, hiding under the library awning. Couldn't have wet corn.

Back to the car, changed into a dry coat and shirt but still have dripping hair, running mascara, and very wet pants. Can you say hot shower??

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