Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bright Eyed and Not So Bushy-tailed

It's 9pm and I'm getting sleepy. I read to the kids. We say our prayers. I'm ready to enter a coma-like state. Groggily, I wash up, get jammies on and fall into bed. Ahhh, it feels so good. Tired, sore muscles relax. The sheets are cool and comfy. My body says, "Good day, girl". And mind starts racing. My heart rate accelerates. I look at the clock and see an hour has gone by. Then two. What gives?

All summer long I've been fighting insomnia. My husband (with the high stress job) jokingly reminds me that I'm not the one who should be having this issue. And I agree. I truly don't get it. I have tried it all to remedy the situation; sleepy time tea, Calm's Natural Sleep Aid, reading, praying (lots and lots of praying), deep breathing... I'm at a loss- meaning more than not understanding. I mean I'm at a loss during the day that follows these night. A loss of patience, energy, enthusiasm.

I know that I have a lot on my mind but don't we all? How is it that some can turn it off and I, for example, simply cannot? How do we get our bodies in a natural rhythm so that when we're tired in the evening we can just lay down and sleep? How do we keep that excess junk out? I'm all out of answers and tricks and ready to enroll myself in sleep school. But I'd better have a second cup of coffee first.

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