Monday, August 25, 2008

Zen Camping

Went off without a hitch. Comfortable, easy and oh so beautiful.

Morning on the beach. We woke up to rain on the tent tarp which is actually a very lovely sound- until you remember all of the things hanging outside and on the table that really shouldn't get wet. This picture could be called, "Dad, I'm going to patiently sit right here and you just let me know when you're done with my eggies." OR "Dad, are they almost done??"

The rain cleared leaving the sun to break through the campsite. While walking to the beach I turned around to see this...

This beach is full of logs that we presume have fallen off ships and washed ashore. Some very clever camper has started the trend of fashioning very cool architecture. This house had two rooms completely decked out inside with furniture.

On our way out we obediently stopped where a friend told us too. Now I'm not one for desecration to national parks but I had to admit, this made me chuckle. (Look closely at the sign).

And what a Big Ceder indeed. We spent a little time hiking in Olympic National Park until it was time to hit the road. Back to civilization. Back to the real world. Back to running water and soap. Can't wait till next summer!

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