Monday, August 4, 2008

Garden's Delight

I have a new favorite. Because we over-zealously planted waaaay too much in the garden, we're eating a lot of veggies these days. No complaints by me (can't say the rest of the fam is on board). So it's brown rice and veggies in the skillet at least once a day. I love summer!

Aren't I lucky? Who is this guy I found in the garden schlepping around my heavy bag?? And speaking of bags- the rice bag from Costco makes a perfectly cute carrier.
Veggie and chamomile arrangement compliments of my daughter.
Just needs a little salt and pepper and a bed of rice. Yum!


MandyPants said...

WOW! I am super impressed with your harvest! I've been trying to talk Eric into building me some raised beds so that we can reap what we sow next year. :)

Regina said...

those look awesome! if you need to get rid of any *extras* send them my way ;)