Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm Telling the Secret

It's too hard to hold it in. The KIDSTAGE production of the Secret Garden blew my mind last night. (Don't worry, we recorded the opening Olympic ceremonies!)

It's so much fun to go and see a production and then compare it to the book. And what a classic book indeed. Being a musical, the stage production added wonderful adaptation to the story. Perhaps a little too difficult for the young viewer to understand; my daughter and I had fun breaking it all down afterward.

The songs will be no-doubt stuck in my head today (especially with a broken IPOD and a long run scheduled this morning) along with the most beautiful costume array and amazing set design. These kids were phenomenal.

Note to reader: I highly recommend not taking a young boy to a night time production of this your money and your sanity! Wink wink.

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