Monday, August 4, 2008

A New One

For months my two year old has struggled with sleep issues. Let's make that the two year old and his weary parents and perhaps a sibling or two. He finally goes to bed without screaming in terror which is so much better on us all. But he does wake in the night and need to be redirected from the crib to our bed.

Typically this is how it goes- he wakes crying and yelling for:

A. water
B. the light is off
C. something beloved went missing
or D. all of the above

The next familiar step is the little guy begging to come to mommy and daddy's bed. We cave. In he comes and begins to demand all kinds of stuff. His pillow isn't right. He doesn't have a blankie. He needs more room. And then when he finally does fall asleep he turns into Pelé. Come morning the scene is ugly- one whiny toddler and his matching parents. He redeems himself with a solid nap (in his bed) later in the day and returns to happy boy. Please tell me that we not the only family that does this on a daily basis!

However, last night's 2:30 am encounter went slightly different than scheduled. Last night as I ran to his room in the midst of hysterics he said something new- something he's never said before.

"I want St. Joseph" he sobbed.

Well that makes sense. He's looking for his patron saint. I wonder what he was dreaming/thinking/praying about...

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