Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Nights and Who Woulda Thunk It

Last night we shipped out a kid. Not overseas or anything like that- just to the neighbor for a sleepover. We never farm anyone out so it was a big deal for us all- especially for her best buddy in the entire world. We needed to think quick and drum up some fun for our middle man before he slipped into sissy withdrawl and slumber party envy.

Soon enough we had the plan. Josh and I are committed to track night on Wednesday nights with our running group. (You know, now that we're in full training mode, HA!) Track night is when you show up with about 50 other much faster-than-you runners and are given the drill. "Okay, tonight we are going to run as fast as we can until we puke". Slight exaggeration on my behalf but that's what it feels like. Okay, okay- so on with the story. The boys were absolutely perfect playing trucks in the long jump sandpit with some new friends and not once did I hear that terrible shriek "he threw sand in my face". It was all good. (Minus the pukey-feeling part).

Our plan was to go to movie nights at the park. We stopped and got smoothies and kettlecorn. Do we know how to serve up dinner or what?! Treats in hand we found a great spot at the park. What we didn't realize is that they wait until it's really dark to play the giant 50ft. movie. So there was plenty of time for running, checking out the compost and worm display, eating too many free mints, dancing to the music, pooping our pants and much to mom's horror she forgot the wipes, and just hanging out together.

Then it was time. Shhhh went the crowd all cozy in their blankets. The movie began. It's one of my most favorite of all time... And who would've thunk it...the kids loved it, too. They giggled and snuggled. It was so nice.

We'll have tired little folk around here today. Two boys who went to bed at 11pm and a recovering slumber party victim. But that's all okay. It was a perfect summer night.

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Regina said...

wow, are you a fun family or what! sounds awesome and clicking through to the park link-the park looks awesome too. we might just have to check it out someday