Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sidelined. Benched. Any of these would be appropriate for my day.

Last week while running one early morning I felt it. YOW! Sharp pain zipped down my shin upon my second hill. "I can work through this" I assured myself out loud. Wrong. Limping home I thought hmmm, this can't be good. Tears swelled and I brushed them off. Surely the pain would subside.

Wrong again. An hour later we were in the car on our way to go camping. Leg propped up on the dash and ice in place, I waited for the pain reliever to kick in. Somewhere in the back of my head a nagging thought kept coming...I wonder if I should be going hours from home in this condition.

So here we are a week later and I listened to that annoying, uber-intelligent, inner voice and went to the doctor. Her worst fear- a stress fracture.

We are still waiting for test confirmation but in the meantime I am on a TIME OUT for one month. One month leaves me with 3 weeks to train for the Victoria, BC Half Marathon that we spent a fortune on to go to. The race that I was going to be SO prepared for. Runners will understand that when you can't just take off it eats you up- it's an obsession.

Now I realize that I'm sounding like a big fat whiner (to be only fatter after a month off) and I know I'm not terminal so I should graciously accept this gift of sacrifice but the truth is- I'm having a hard time doing so. I'm in pain and limping after my children which is no fun whatsoever.

Okay, I'm done with the soapbox. I'll suck it up. Swallow my selfishness and thank God for the two legs that I have to stand on. (Even if I look like a flamingo).

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Regina said...

what a bummer. my sister in law was training for the chicago marathon when her knee went kaput. now she cant run more than maybe 2 miles. she was very bummed about not being able to do the marathon since that was her last race to do (had already done up to a half marathon) .
hope you heal quickly!