Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Was No Putty Tat

A shrill scream, "MOM! Help!!" followed by thumps and desperate cries rang out yesterday afternoon. I entered the scene just in time to see Belle, the very bad dog, lunging at Alene Bubbles. Who?? Arlene, my daughter's obsession- err, I mean pet bird. Anyway, I frantically leaped on the dog fully expecting a blue tail to be emerging from her mouth. Spared in the nick of time, Bubs was scooped up and carried off by a wailing child.

Now I can't figure out just why my usually passive-afraid-of-a-fly dog was trying to snack on the poor bird. It has thrown me for a loop. Aren't cats supposed to do this?? Surely golden retrievers are friendlier than that...

So about an hour later "we" stopped shaking, crying and lamenting and had our much needed safety discussion. We won't be walking around with a bird on our shoulder when cujo is around anymore. (Audible sighs of relief could be heard now...)

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Regina said...

my sil's has a bunny and a golden that play with each other in their backyard (basically the dog chases the rabbit, the rabbit torments the dog). they are now worried though since the dog killed a rabbit out at their ranch. supervised play dates from now on.