Friday, September 5, 2008

Arg! Grumble, Grumble

Yesterday was one of those days that you swear the world is out to get you. We set off early to get a bone scan of my leg at the hospital. My sweet and accommodating husband was to go into work late after the procedure so he followed us in his car. Being that we live in the boonies and it was the morning commute traffic- we left with plenty of time to make it. And our timing was good. The kids and I were singing in the car. I was admiring the beautiful mountains off in the distance. The sun was shining- it was a beautiful morning. And then it got ugly.

We pulled into the parking garage at the hospital and thunk. I wasn't thinking about our brand new storage thingy on top of the van. Stuck. Now my husband often jokes with me about my lack of thinking things through but yesterday he thought I was a down right brain surgeon. No- make that rocket scientist. "Didn't you hear that noise? Didn't you...." The answer was no, no, no- obviously I didn't. Anyhoo, many cars are piling up now to get in and park and the parking attendant is yelling from his booth. Can you imagine what color my face was??

So, finally we're in and traipsing through the hospital. Nine hundred forms to fill out and the nice nurse comes to get me. "Okay, Heather" she says, "I'm going to give you your injection for the bone scan and then you'll come back in two hours and we'll do the scan". Eyes as wide as saucers I exclaim, "What?! No one told me this was an all morning event!" I quick limp back to hubby and tell him. As he's checking all of him emails from people who are looking for him and needing him he gives me that deer in the headlights look. He can't come back- what do we do now? I frantically phoned my dear neighbor who sounded happy to help but perhaps had other plans. How I detest putting people out and asking for things.

So burning rubber we plow back to the boonies. Everyone is hungry, including myself. There wasn't time for breakfast and the cereal bar we all ate has worn off. Now I have to dump off three hungry kids to the neighbor- I feel even worse. By the time I dropped them off, I had just enough time to peel back to the city for the scan. How much gas can one van go through in a day? Lots!

The scan itself was actually relaxing. Forty-five minutes of laying still in a dark and cool room was what I needed. Followed by sitting on a blanket in the backyard sketching and knitting while the kids ran in the sunshine for a few hours set me back on track.

I was all refreshed from the frazzled day until it was time to set out again for the appointment with the sports doc to review the scan. Just as we concluded, mama broke her leg. So this morning we'll set out for the air cast and I vow to use the crutches all the time. (I've been cheating and limping around quite a bit). And NO more doctor visits, please!

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