Monday, September 8, 2008

Hangin' with Moses

Don't homeschooling families just do the coolest things? Okay, I know that non-homeschoolers do wonderful things, too. It's just that this new world of home educators that we hang with have introduced us to great stuff.

A very generous,young homeschooler, Tasha, wanted to share her expertise with horses with other young ladies. So, Friday a little group of them met to learn about barn upkeep and chores, horse care and finally riding lessons. They rode bareback on Moses, a 1500 lb draft horse with such meekness and patience (still talking about the horse). They has such a fun time and didn't mind scooping poop one bit.

Horse club will meet on the first Friday of the month this year and I'm sure the girls are very eager for October already.

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Regina said...

oooh, i might have to get in on this one. our family in NM have a ranch and the kids used to ride all the time but havent since we left. this summer when visiting they wanted to be on them all the time.