Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Laborious It Was

The whole weekend went by like *that*. Jam-packed in usual fashion. We finally saw Wall*E which we all loved. There were also a million and one errands mixed in which came to a screeching halt with a two year old, a sore throat and a very high fever. This is actually a blessing to a progressively grumpier mom on crutches. (I mean, what was I thinking to go and fight the crowds at the Farmer's Market??) I used this fever as a sign to put my leg up, grab my knitting books and plan my projects- all while snuggling my out of sorts little one and taking in a Cubs game. (Knitting and baseball go together, right?)

The little guy is all good to go now, they sure do rebound fast. And so we're back to conquer the world in a single day mode. This being the last day before school starts, you can imagine there are a few things to run (hobble) and see and do.

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Regina said...

i didnt know you knit!
tug is on crutches too and boy is he starting to get VERY frustrated...as am i since he can't really help out around the house. 5 more weeks, ack