Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back in Session

Our homeschool co-op commenced yesterday and we're off and running on a good start. My daughter absolutely couldn't wait out the summer in great anticipation of her marine biology class. She ate up the first day-we heard lots about it. Her second class is animal science- another contender. Co-op offers such fantastic classes but the trick is the timing. My daughter also wanted to take art and musical theater but they conflict with the schedule.

The middle man is taking animal encounters (upon his sister's recommendation from last year) and Singapore math. He's happy just to have a day out and be with friends. Heck, he's happy any old time just watching the grass grow.

And the big news is that this year the little guy started "pre-school". It's actually story time but don't tell him that. I'm the teacher helper in there so I get to see first hand how funny it is. And trust me-it's a stitch. Not a one of these friends can sit on their mats for more than a minute without jumping up and sharing some important news. My little man was in true form yesterday- leaping at Ms. Aime to share (in his loudest voice possible) what his favorite part of the story was. Good grief, my head is still hung low.

Just next to the Catholic church where co-op meets, is a beautiful and newly restored park/beach. We got lunch and met up with some friends for a few hours to swim and play and play and play. Until the rain sets in, Tuesdays will be the "fun" day.

My little one's favorite thing about the park- the Finger Play Park. It's a stone table that has all sorts of ramps, bridges and tunnels for racing your cars. It also has a box of cars to borrow, can you imagine?
I love that this park is so shady. Down by the water in the sun was warm but then coming up to the playground in the shade felt cool and wonderful.

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Alice Gunther said...

Wow--finger play park! Brilliant!

Wish we could find one of those around here.