Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Because We Can

Today our homeschool co-op met for a picnic at the park. In our area, public schools commenced today so the slogan for the park day was Let's Go Play at the Park...Because We Can.

Wow, did we have a beautiful day. A perfect 70 degree, blue sky day with lots of new faces and friends to meet. This park was also an old working farm so the kids enjoyed visiting with the roaming turkeys,piglets and cows, sheep and horses, too. We had to skip the hiking trails because of the whole crutches thing but the kids got all their energy out just fine. On our way out I took a deep inhale, looked up at the trees towering over me and said, "Well guys, our last official day of summer break has been a very good one".

And then we got home and child number two came down with a fever...so perhaps we won't be starting tomorrow!

I mistook this turkey as one of my own. But the resemblance...

"Wait mom, I have to smell this one. And this one. And this..."

Now that method of transportation would be much easier!

And back home to paint our sketchbooks and finally finish the school prep. Goodbye summer, "stay sweet, see ya next year!"

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