Monday, September 22, 2008

Tea and Stuff

Okay don't pay any attention to the mis-matchy plates but do notice the homemade blackberry jam that tastes divine with just about anything...

Last Thursday we (read *I*) was having a particularly hard morning in the classroom. My little one melted and as a I result, so did I. When I finally got my wits about me, I realized we needed a break. Let me rephrase...I needed a break. So we quick threw together the oh so familiar recipe for zucchini bread and brewed some tea. It helped us all. We mellowed, we chatted, we laughed. What helped even more was the response to my cry out to the veteran homeschool mommy friends of mine. Their words of encouragement and suggestions for support were amazing. I am so blessed on two fronts- to be able to teach my children and watch them grow and on the days that I feel I can't do that justice- to have the support to get back in the game. Here's to a happy learning week!

Oh yeah, got it make it drinkable!

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