Thursday, September 4, 2008


The new students showed up yesterday eager to learn with shiny new shoes. Okay, so maybe they didn't have shoes on- but they were rearing to go. And how disappointed they were to find out that we were only reviewing our new curriculum and getting acquainted with our books. "What about math? And spelling? Can't I do phonics?" They piped in. One was so excited she asked if she could pick a president to research and do a little project. Twist my arm...she did Teddy Roosevelt and it turned out quite nice!

So why didn't we do "real" school yesterday? Three reasons: One was still a wee bit under the weather, I'm still waiting for that UPS man with the last books, and because I CAN'T STAND when our lesson plans are laid out Mon-Fri and we begin on a Wed. It starts me off on the wrong foot and I get all messed up. I need structure, folks. I must follow the schedule or I feel all icky.

So today we will be writing about our summer, working on some art and reviewing math. And who knows, maybe they'll convince their teacher to do a little more!

We moved our room around this year. The kids had a major say in what went where.

This wasn't my idea at all- but apparently the little guy needs his own decked out workspace.

Oh, thank you Karen for lending me a bookcase. How we needed this organization!

Our red board is for current events. This will be an exciting fall!

My plan book has all of our liturgical, nature, craft, and field trip ideas for the year. I also keep the knitting/crochet book of ideas close by, too. It will be a long, rainy winter so the more projects, the better.

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