Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Another quick one just flew by. But that's okay- the kid's are oddly excited to get to school today so I'm going with the flow. And maybe that's because I feel relaxed. Calm. Rejuvenated. Why, you ask? Because I escaped on Saturday and spent a good portion of the day at a crop fest scrapbooking. I haven't done that in years! So I got to gab with very interesting women, get some creativity flowing and just sit. It did wonders for my soul. You can ask my friend Karen whom I promptly told I was grumpy when I arrived. Grumpy about being in this cast and on crutches. Grumpy about not having control over the house. Grumpy about not running. Get the picture? But by the time I left I was all smiles and good to go. And hopefully by the time my little guy is 3 I'll have finished his baby book.

Sunday we went to Mass and out to coffee afterwards on the island. It was a cool, foggy morning and the fireplace was on. The kids and I played checkers and they colored- can you picture how cozy this was? We then left and went to the beach for the afternoon. We were the only ones there for a long time so we got to pick our picnic table and rule the beach. It turned into a gorgeous summer day in the 70s and I got to "run" in the lake which felt awesome. Then I threw in some laps and realized that swimming is one tough exercise.

We went home to grill for dinner, and all those who can walk did so after we ate and enjoyed the remains of the day.

Still foggy and gosh this water feels cold.

Fog burned off, sun came out, and the geese came a honkin'!

This photo should read- "So I think I'll just lay here a bit and work on my tan. Or maybe I'll dig- it's really hard to decide".

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