Monday, September 15, 2008

Hatching Fish

After a lovely and quick visit with my aunt and uncle from Victoria,B.C., Saturday afternoon was spent at the local salmon hatchery. It's that time of year again to catch them spawning. (I love that word!)

From the road I always thought the facility was quite small- that all changed when we got there. This place is huge and incidentally, so are some of the fish! The coolest part of the visit was checking out the salmon ladder and seeing the fish hurling themselves up and over dividers and into the higher sections. What floors me is the life cycle of the fish- leaving their stream for a few years only to return and lay eggs and then to die. It is fascinating to say the least.

The young marine biologist in training ate it all up. (Well, not all- she didn't eat any salmon)

They don't look so big in the photo but trust me on this folks, these guys were large. Very large.
Yeah, kind of like this large!
Just getting a wee bit tired of seeing the world in this fashion. Although it does make for an interesting picture doesn't it?

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