Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Goin on a Bear Hunt

Tried to take pictures with my camera.

At least it was fun singing the song-even if we didn't see any real bears.

The big kids politely declined my offer to go find some bears so little guy and I were on our own. We had fun building a race track on a dirt hill. We listened to birds in which little guy told me every time "oh mom, that's just a crow". Crows have definitely developed a prettier call around here. We pointed out all the trees that were starting to change. And we found lots of spiders (yuck! one crawled right over me, ack, ack, ack!).

Perhaps as nice as our hunt and time together was my neighbor calling us over for a "quick" glass of wine which turned out to be two hours of relaxing on their breathtaking patio and watching the sun go down. Perfect ending to the weekend, I say.

Watching boats go by on the Snoqualmie River from our neighbor's house. The river is quiet and low right now. It will be completely different in a few months- that's why it's nickname is the "Raging River".

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