Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Guessing Game

Most of us have had the mystery allergy. It attacks out of the blue either in sneezing itching form or in hivey-bumpies. All of my kids have had the sudden sneak attack and yes I usually have Benedryl on hand for such occasion. Except for yesterday.

We left the house about five pm for a quick little hike. The sun finally came out and that always beckons us outside. Up the hill we went, cotton blowing in the air. The kids grabbed at shrubs and flowers growing along the path. We traipsed through high grasses trying to explore new territory. Achoo! It began. Eye rubbing, sneezing-"I'm going home!" my daughter abruptly announced. By the time the dog, the boys and I got back to the house she was a mess with golf balls for eyes. She claims that a seed hit her eye. A seed? What kind of seed? Where is it now??

Out to get the Benedryl I went. But it didn't really help.

This morning we're no better. The eyes are hugely swollen and red and goopy. She looks terrible. What does a mom do? Cold compress? Off to the doctor? And just where is my How To Be A Mother guide??

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Anonymous said...

First off - if you find a How To Be A Mother Guide, please, oh please! let me know where I can get one!

Secondly - do your allergies hit at certain times of the year, or year 'round?

Finally - for the allergies that seem to be 'nasal-driven' (i.e. any allergy that is triggered when something flies up the nose), try putting a thin layer of Vaseline over the top lip, just under the nose. This is supposed to stop the allergens from getting up there. Just wash it off after your hike. Or, put them in Saran Wrap from head to toe, and call it a day. LOL!

Have a lovely afternoon!