Monday, June 2, 2008

Where Do You Go

When the tide is low? On a field trip, of course!

A fabulous mama from our homeschool group who just happens to have a PhD in Marine Biology led us on a low tide field trip at Alki Beach in West Seattle this morning. What did we find, you ask?

That the beach on low tide is a place teaming with life and to respect it. Especially in the Puget Sound which is known for having one of the most productive underwater systems in the world. And that the sound is actually an estuary.

That we only eat male crabs (go figure!) and they are marked with a triangle underneath.

That sea cucumbers and sea anenome can come in many different colors.

That crabs "shed" their exoskeleton and leave behind this. And to think all this time I thought those were dead crabs. Another sure fire way to know is smell them. If they stink like no tomorrow- they're dead. If the smell is only mild and tolerable- they're on to bigger and better things.

Big lesson here- bring a change of clothes! Little people get very wet in these tidepools and it's a long way home.

And lastly, that when you gotta go- well you get the picture.

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