Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Where to begin with such a glorious, no-rain, sunny and warm weekend? I suppose with the bad stuff. Let's get er out of the way. My boys had mandatory BASEBALL SAFETY 101- the crash course. We learned why a two year old cannot run behind a boy swinging a bat. And then we learned why a boy swinging a bat needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times. (That you can't just yell "look out" and wash your hands of all responsibility). We learned all about what a broken nose means, with drawings from Dr. Born and that we should know in about 10 days if indeed we have a broken nose at the ripe old age of two. And lastly we learned that we have a fantastic quick care facility not too far away when the occasion rises again.

Between the nose and the eczema on the chin-my poor kid is in bad shape.
Saturday brought us more beauty with our local town festival. The day began with me beating the pants off my husband in the 10k race. (Ok, it wasn't literal and sorry honey, had to gloat). Then ensued the town parade which was at times was so hysterical I couldn't even write about it with any justice. All I can say is that the Vets (meaning veterinarian) with their Medieval Mayhem was strangest, funniest thing I think I've ever seen. You have not seen animals on parade like this before. The festival brought lots of art, good music, crafts, etc. And in the Group One division of the watermelon eating brought my middle man- the winner! He told us for weeks how he was going to win that. Take note here folks- you can think yourself into winning, try it!

And lastly Sunday, Father's Day. Lovely breakfast, lunch at the lake, hiking into the lush trees, feeling what 70 degrees feels like. Ahhh. Followed by Mass and a barbecue- doesn't get much better than that. I hope yours was a good one, too!

I just couldn't imagine getting into that ice lake-somehow all three kids did (for a minute!)


Regina said...

wow. that looks this out by where you live or closer to the city?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, Heather! Sounds like you had such a peaceful Sunday, and typical Saturday-with-boys. We learned that same baseball lesson last year, except the metal bat cracked the younger brother's forehead open. Stitch-worthy. The nose/concussion thing happened a couple of months ago (and when he was about 5) on the trampoline. Aren't they fun? :)

I forgot to ask you a question when you were being so very generous with your time and experiences. How do the home education laws in WA affect your daily/monthly/annual experiences? Do you have mandatory testing, etc.?

Okay - I'm off to clean, bake and school. Not necessarily in that order. Have a lovely week!

God Bless,