Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Really, Truly and Seriously (Kind of)

If it's warm and sunny at your house, I'm packing immediately and coming for a visit. I don't care if gas is $20 per gallon- it's worth it. I am turning all shades of verde reading posts of flip flops and breezy summer skirts. Of playing outside till one can't play anymore more. Get my drift?!

I'm sick of the rain and the cold. We had a winter advisory last night for snow in the mountain areas. A winter advisory- is there something terribly wrong with that phrase?

I don't suppose our art club will meet today as regularly scheduled. And the thought of sketching on a blanket with a picnic in tow doesn't sound very comfortable in a deluge wearing a parka. Or here's a good one- it's my son's last day of t-ball, followed by a pool party and barbeque. Fabulous! Do I sound irritated?

And so, if you live in this kind of utopia that I dream of, would you please be so kind and wash the linens because I'm going to get my sandals and toothbrush I'll be on my way.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Anna is fluffing her bedroom pillows as I type!!! She's got the biggest room in the house right now. Join us here in the land of 2 showers a day and scorching car seats, won't you??

(are you serious?) Love ya :-)