Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hopped Up on Pain Pills and A Little Less Bright

Here they are, my not so pretty not-so little chicklets, otherwise known as wisdom teeth. And the evidence that they were in fact wisdom teeth? I just poured a splash of coffee in my mug and then filled er to the rim with half and half.

Other than losing a little on the smarts register, the event was very, how can say this...pleasant! I absolutely adore iv anesthetics (nope, not being sarcastic). It's like 1,2,3 nighty-night! And then to be pampered all day by all three kids and my husband doting on me. Combine that with non-stop junk on tv- what a vacation from the ordinary!

My husband had to go to work for the afternoon and bless his heart put the little guy down and took the big kids to the neighbors. It was so quiet in my house (at least I think it was) and when my kids showed up hours later with pudding in hand and beautiful drawings for their mother in confinement, I was happy to see them.

So I guess today means picking up the pieces (literally, all over the house), getting back to testing, and continuing with those prescriptions when necessary. If any of you are interested in the oral surgeon spa day- I have a great recommendation for you!

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