Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh to be a Little Princess, too

I'm obsessed. But it's an okay obsession. In breaking all literary rules by not reading first, we've been listening to The Little Princess on tape when we get in the car. Have you read or listened to this story? If not, you must, it's a crowd pleaser to say the least.

I just love little Sara Crewe and I can't get enough- so much so that I'm counting down the minutes to our grocery outing this morning so I can find out who that man is that moved in next door. And I delight in Sara's proper way of telling off that mean, old Miss Minchin. And doesn't Becky just crack you up? Oh and I can't (imperative that you say "can't" with a British accent) wait to learn if she truly is a princess after all this time being treated so poorly. Regardless if she is or isn't real royalty, what a role model this character is. I mean to be starving and wet in the cold and give away your food?! Unheard of!

I won't give away any more pertinent info...promise.

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