Friday, June 20, 2008

Well If She Can Do It

Then so can I, I think. Have you seen her? The mom with the six, yes six babies? She just completed the Rock and Roll marathon in San Diego. And before you say, that's not a big deal- let me clarify that YES IT IS. It's huge! And I'll tell you why. I trained for my first marathon last November for months. Come April I still wasn't ready for the full 26 miles so I ended up running the half. Training is grueling- it requires many, many hours of running and proper menu planning. It truly can consume you.

But let me digress. About this time last year I recall a prayer request for this family in Arizona. Jenny Masche had just delivered sextuplets and was going into cardiac arrest. My friends and I gasped upon this request- how could that be, we thought? She couldn't possibly die and leave daddy with all these babies?! Well God is good and merciful because she lived to be incredibly strong. Jenny claims that the babies being good sleepers is how she was able to rise to such an event. (Perhaps I could use the excuse that for the past two years my little one has left me comatose from sleep deprivation!) She would put on her running shoes after they went to bed and just go. Wow, I say. When I put my children down at night I can hardly manage to get my face washed.

Well, that was before I saw this clip anyhow. Not anymore. Last night I donned my trusty sneakers and off we went. I was tired, I was hungry, I needed to finish a sewing project and pick up some mess. But I did it and I was glad. Thanks Jenny, you're my much needed inspiration to do a full marathon in October.

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