Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

A seemingly wintry weekend still held promise. There was a quick break in the rain Friday evening after presents and birthday cake- so we ran out the door (some of us forgetting it was in the 40's and only in t-shirts: BRR!).

What a beautiful night hike- we saw tons of deer, blue heron and some hawks overhead. It felt so strange to leave for a hike after 9pm. The sky was still light at 10:30. Just in time to come home and pull out a front tooth. Talk about a memorable birthday!

Saturday we met up with friends in the city to take in the Science Center. The butterfly garden is the perfect spot to stop and get out the nature journal, and of course, a photo or two.

We found an awesome Greek restaurant across the street after the museum and got to people watch- for free! (How much of a tourist do you think I looked like taking this picture??)

We weren't so lucky on our next hiking adventure- we were soaked. It rained and rained and rained- but that didn't stop us. I loved that I my little guy refused his covered stroller ride and toddled waaaay behind us singing to himself and stopping to talk to worms. We heard him shout, "LOOK! A birdie nest!" And he was right- just laying near the road, an uninhabited home. Isn't it marvelous? I just can't get over how totally perfect these nests (or nestes, as we call them) truly are. That is perfection in nature by all means. Looking forward to our adventures next weekend...

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