Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Another weekend has come and gone already? Goodness that was fast. Let's see...Friday we packed a lunch and headed off with friends for a nice hike. I am so excited to have finally learned from a friend of a friend what my mystery plant is that is growing like crazy all around my house. We spotted it again on our hike so I snapped this photo.

It's a Wild Cucumber or Manroot and it's seeds inside are poisonous. Good to know that we were playing with the little fruits the other day...
Upon our hike my little one got a little, shall we say, feisty? Didn't want to be in the stroller, didn't want to walk- that type of thing. I should have known we were going "down" when he wouldn't nap later that afternoon either-something terrible was on the brink. I say terrible in the form of the dreaded stomach flu. Yep it struck about 5pm with a vengeance. I ended up pulling an all nighter- something I have not done since college. He was sicker than sick until Saturday evening. Poor little thing is still so weak and fighting his fever, deliriously telling us about sideways babies and trucks that crash?! It's actually quite bizarre to see my rambunctious two year old lay on the couch for an entire weekend.

We did manage to slip in a few niceties on the side. A quick trip to the farmers market to get soap wrapped in dyed and felted alpaca fur. (The kids think it's a hoot). And cherries that taste fresher than fresh. Some of us made it to Mass to witness an incredible array of parishioners that joined us from an Eastern rite of Catholicism. The priest and community are from Eritrea, a small country in Northern Africa. They were so gracious after Mass to perform spiritual dance and song and also brought along some deliciously spicy "homemade" food. I just love learning about other cultures and I love that my kids do, too.

So our weekend was different than it was regularly scheduled to be. But that's not a bad thing. Sickness is a good thing because it's humbling for the soul. I had so much stuff planned (and selfishly much of it for me) and it had to just go. Taking care of someone, a helpless little one in fact becomes integral and for a mother it is reaffirming of what roles we truly play. I'll get over what I missed- not a biggie. But I won't forget the way my little one begged me to hold him, love him, take care of him. And really, next weekend is just around the bend!

Happy Summer! I took this photo about 9:20 pm on the first day of summer. These summer days are crazy long- and well waited for!

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