Thursday, May 8, 2008

All Messed Up and Still Adjusting

Excuse me while I yawn. Don't mean to be rude but we're not getting much sleep around here. Remember back a few months ago when it would get dark at 3:45 pm and it would still be dark, like pitch-dark at 7am? That wasn't fun but neither is our current situation. It's still light out at 9pm and again at 5am. Do you know what this means? It means that children don't wind down naturally to sleep until 10pm (sometimes later if it's my little guy). It means mommy is up late because when the house isn't quiet until 10- she's getting a rather late start on "her time". Sure there are positives with this- like more time to play and enjoy the days that aren't cold and rainy but I'm tired and grumpy.
Maybe our bodies will naturally adjust, maybe we just need more time. It's our first spring up here and perhaps by summer we'll be all straightened out. Let's hope...

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