Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Six of the Novena

Lord Jesus, you know how much strength I need in these days of trial. I have been frequently tempted against confidence and fearing that you would no longer hear my prayers, I have become more and more filled with anguish. The first day of this novena to Saint Rita has helped me understand, however, that faith is the secret to strength- provided it is a living faith, nourished by prayer.

I believe Lord, that by virtue of my baptism I am a temple of God who is a tower of strength. He lives within me; therefore I live night and day within this tower. Yes, Lord, you are my rock and my strength.

Saint Rita, this truth was your strength in the trials of your life. But your strength joined with such heroism as to deserve to share, through the gift of a thorn, the redemptive suffering of our Savior. This special gift encourages me to place my trust in you.

I am certain that in my life, too, the cross must put my faith to the test; ane I am happy to be able to say to the Lord that I believe in his love in these days of sorrow. If it pleases him, I pray to obtain through your intercession the favor which I earnestly seek

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