Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tired of Two

I feel like this is the on-going post- it seems to keep resurfacing. But the fact of the matter is that I'm tired. Tired of having a two year old, that is. And just to clarify, I wouldn't trade him in for a better sleeping model, or a less whiney model but I would like a slightly modified brand. One that doesn't put his feet on the brake lines of his mommy's bike and laugh while being scolded during one of the most glorious family rides through the forest. One that doesn't go to a neighbors house for Memorial day dinner and say "NO!" when told to sit nice at the table (by the neighbor, I might add). One that doesn't scratch his mom and dad when they have the audacity to deny a cookie ten minutes before dinner. One that doesn't scream himself into hyperventilation for almost two hours to go to sleep.

I really don't ask for much. Obedience, compassion and fairness isn't a tall order, is it? (And I would slip in a good night's sleep but I don't want to push it.) I'd better re-fill the coffee, say yet another prayer for patience and wisdom and hope that today brings none of the above.

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