Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Seven of the Novena

Lord Jesus, the thoughts and the insights of these days of prayer have led me to place my complete trust in you. The closeness of your chosen one, Saint Rita, whose heroic virtues I have considered and, though only lightly, have tried to imitate, has revealed to me the absolute surety of your paternal and divine attentiveness and your immense love for us.

Now I am certain that, if it will be for my god and for the good of all those who are dear to me, you will grant the request I make of you to obtain this favor which is so important to me. If you should answer my prayer , I with my whole heart, will praise your greatness which is full of mercy and I will speak of you, Saint Rita, and of your sweet, protective intercession on behalf of all who like me are burdened with sorrow.

Forever, Lord, I will praise the works of your divine Wisdom. With the psalmist I will say: " Lord, though I must walk in the valley of darkness I will fear no evil because you are with me:

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