Friday, May 23, 2008


Yesterday marked the downward spiral* of my 30's - 36 to be exact. My sweet honey made me a delicious breakfast before heading out the door and my kids were so sweet with their homemade cards and wishes. It was hard to decide when my little guy asked if I'd rather have a truck birthday or Thomas the Tank Engine. How can a mom pick between two such wonderful themes? (I chose Thomas).

Somewhere around 10:30 in the midst of vacuuming and schooling, my middle man burst out into tears with the realization that there wasn't going to be a party with balloons. That there was nothing in the works. That it was going to be a disaster of a day (his feelings, not mine!).

So without hesitation we jumped into the car and headed to the city for an afternoon at the aquarium and the market. I'm so glad that we did -the weather was nicer in the city than at home and we just relaxed and totally enjoyed ourselves. Followed by a nice dinner and fabulous kid-cake we ended the day with a bang.

*So far the spiral isn't that bad.

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Easter A. said...

I love that you chose Thomas! So cute!

I love coming here because you remind me to take the time to enjoy the little things my children do. My youngest is now almost 7. You remind me also to cherish the memories I have of them when they were little!


God bless you abundantly!