Monday, May 19, 2008

Triple Whammy Pays Off

It's not often we get up at 6am on Sunday. But yesterday, we did. We got the entire house up and out- coffee on the go to get downtown so I could run in this race. I was ready, really looking forward to it. That is until we got to the end of the floating bridge and stopped. Traffic was jammed up for the race and police ended up closing our exit so we were stuck. By the time we could get to where we needed to be the race would have begun. Bummer- whammy one.

On to plan b. Isn't it always good to have a plan b? I mean if you're going to wake sleeping children and have them hurriedly get dressed and scarf down toast in the car, you'd better have an alternate. So on to the coffee shop for cup number 2 and some pastries. Next stop- the Ballard Locks. What a beautiful morning to see the boats coming and going, run across the bridges and pick shells by the water. Here comes the next whammy- I forgot my camera. Do I go anywhere without my camera??

And finally for the last blow...The locks are adjacent to a beautiful botanical garden. Where was my nature book for sketching? On the kitchen table where I was last seen painting some watercolors.

However as we meandered back to the car we happened upon this farmers market and treated ourselves to some yummy stuff. So our plans changed, perhaps for the better. I still got my run in at home. And I still have some images stored away in my mind from our morning together. It's all good.

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