Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turning it Off

I had the most delightful drive to the oral surgeon today. (No, I'm not being sarcastic.) I dropped the kids off at the neighbors and had a 25 minute drive ahead of me. I did something that I never do. I turned it all off.

With no small voice telling me they were hungry or hot or needing something, I totally enjoyed the silence. There was no book on tape. There was no silly song. There was only the sound of the rain on the car and the wipers dutifully at work. As my hand reached up to the radio dial to fill the silence I thought twice.

Turning off the radio I drove- quietly. It was so nice and even more so it was necessary. I got to think and pray and think some more about my family, the world- China, Myanmar, and then more prayers offered.

I arrived at my appointment uncharacteristically calm. Unhurried. Maybe it can happen again when I go back to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Ehhh, maybe not.

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