Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Four for the Novena

Saint James writes: Is there someone among you who is suffering? Let us pray.

Jesus, I do not have the courage to pray to you. How can you hear the prayers of someone who turns to you in time of need but afterwards, in the normal events of life is so often far from you?

Lord, the only prayer which can truly reach you is that of a life lived as you wish: in love, in truth, in fidelity to your law. It is impossible for you not to hear anyone who lives with you and for you and who serves you with a sincere heart.

I am not capable of offering you such a prayer. But Saint Rita is. And so I offer you her holiness, her faithfulness together with my sincere ande firm will to imitate her every day. Hear me Lord!

Saint Rita, teach me the prayer which can change my heart, the dialogue with God which opens me to accepting his will ane to making myself available to my brothers and sisters. I commend to your intercession the favor which I seek with all my heart. Ask it of our good God if it be his will.

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