Friday, May 30, 2008

When All Else Fails, Try Bribery

It's not as bad as the time I bribed my daughter with four dinosaurs of her choice if only she got her ears pierced. (Really, at the time it didn't seem so cruel and weird!) No, no- this bribery is nicer. And for a good cause nonetheless. We're "enticing" our little one to stop his resistance training when it comes to sleeping. Not one more night of the insane screaming for hours can we take in our household so here comes the carrot dangling part...

For each night my little night monger lays down nicely without the screaming (and we don't care where he does this either- who can be picky at a time like this) he will earn a backhoe, bulldozer or excavator sticker. After five stickers are on his chart (prominently displayed on the fridge and really played up) he will get A NEW TRUCK!

So imagine this plan rolled out to a 2.5 year old. He may get the concept, he may not. But for the past two nights he has given up the fight and I swear there was no Benedryl involved. Ahhh, the peace, the quiet, the surprise that I have a husband who I can actually talk to- what a concept!

Here's to night number three.

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Easter A. said...


For Heather and those who joined us in prayer
RE: Prayer to St. Joseph for the Unemployed

Kimberly of Catholic family Vignettes thanks you for your prayers! She joined many families in praying the Prayer to St. Joseph. Though her husband was not unemployed, she asked that her husband's intention be included. Her husband was hoping to get a better job and he got it this week. He starts at this new job next week!

God be praised!

Thanking God for you,
Easter at Mostly Prayers