Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Fifth Day of the Novena

Lord Jesus, I can sometimes hear the words of your servant Job on my own lips: Where will I find strength to hope again, and when will the end which I have always awaited finally come to me ?

I know Lord that the faith of the true Christian is measured by patience but I become impatient precisely because faith is not deeply rooted in my heart. You, in your love, though have clothed our weak human nature and you know its limits. Clothe me with your mercy and grant me the gift of patience.

Saint Rita, you were spared nothing in this world: neither sorrow, nor humiliation nor deprivation; but God was your patience, God and his Word. Your whole life gives evidence of this. Today you offer me the word of Scripture to share with me the secret of your patience: "Happy the person who bears trials patiently because, once having been tried, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him".

Thank you, Saint Rita, or having shown me the light which does not deceive and the comfort o God's word. With greater tranquility and peace I commit myself to the intercession of your heroic patience to obtain the favor which I greatly desire and uniting to it the gift of patient waiting.

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